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Technology Platform

Vipragen is committed towards developing Technology Platform that supports the Drug discovery endeavour by providing the necessary tools based on the latest industry trends. The goal is to provide cost-effective and efficient tools to industry and academics.

Animal models

Animal models are critical to drug discovery as they mimic the disease state aiding the researchers are better understanding of the efficacy of the investigative drug. We at Vipragen have animal models based on sound scientific rationale helping the discovery partners in various segments for better validation of the therapeutic drugs.

Alternate to animal testing

Vipragen with his in-house expertise is working towards developing alternate to animal studies for toxicity studies, alternate to animal studies using in vitro platforms offer following benefits like

  • Scalability – can be extended to different cell types/assay conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness for early stage screening.
  • Efficient translation to animal studies
  • Expedient and High throughput

Oncology screening tool kit

Integrated IND enabling solutions

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