Analytical Services

Analytical Lab Services in India

Vipragen has the capability to conduct various studies essential for regulatory submissions in India, including soil characterization, residue analysis, evaluation of environmental fate and metabolism. These studies are crucial components of regulatory submissions. Additionally, our expertise extends to method development, characterization, and analysis of dose formulations for test items. We also conduct physico-chemical analyses as part of our comprehensive analytical services.

  • » Impurity Profiling and 5 Batch analysis using 2D and 3D techniques of chromatography along with spectrometry.

  • » Scanning of 5 batches using suitable techniques like GC-MS / LC-MS -MS / HPLC / Ion Chromatography and ICP-MS.

  • » Identification and Characterizations of actives and impurities by GC-MS / LC-MS / LC-MS-MS/ NMR, techniques.

  • » Method development and validation.

  • » Method validation in compliance with SANCO/OPPTS guideline parameters.

  • » Alternate method of Analysis (Most common i.e. GC, HPLC, LCMS).

  • » Quantitative Analysis of all components and active content by GC/HPLC/GC-MS/ LC-MS.

  • » Physical and chemical properties of formulation product & a.i (OECD, CIPAC, OPPTS, CIB &RC).

  • » Method Development and Validation in diversified matrices, Storage Stability, Accelerated storage studies.

  • » Residues in Soil, Residues in Water, Residues in Plant Material.

  • » Heavy Metal Contamination Analysis and Water Quality Analysis.

Physico-Chemical Properties & Five-Batch Analysis

Vipragen offers a diverse range of services, including physicochemical studies and 5-batch analysis for agrochemical active ingredients, meeting global regulatory compliance standards.

Analytical Method Development and Validation

Accurate and reliable analytical methods are crucial for assessing the quality, purity, and stability of the drug product.

Dose Formulation Analysis

Dose formulation analysis is critical in early drug discovery for assessing test article concentration, formulation homogeneity, and stability.