Case Studies

Rodent Exercise Model

We have optimised and validated pre-clinical conditions for rodents (running as aerobic exercise) using a modified and fabricated human treadmill that can be designed and employed as both acute and chronic pre-clinical exercise models.

LPS-induced mice sepsis model for screening of anti-inflammatory molecules

The LPS-model is a short and cost-effective assay for screening of anti-inflammatory properties of test items aimed for treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. We have successfully employed this model to identify several lead molecules

Rodent model to assess colonization of probiotics in intestine

We have also analyzed the effect of adhesion and colonization of L. acidophilus TSP-La1 on two well-known anaerobes bacteria present in the intestine namely Enterobacteriaceae species and Clostridia species in BALB/c mice. Download Case Study.