Nutraceuticals and Herbals

Nutraceuticals and Herbals services in India

Feed and Food Additives

Vipragen offers accurate, cost-effective and timely testing of raw materials, finished nutraceuticals and dietary supplements according to international guidelines. We offer Safety Toxicology and Efficacy studies for validating the nutraceuticals for the intended application. We at Vipragen also offer services to Poultry and Veterinary feed industries.

We also offer comprehensive testing of Herbal products/extracts. The studies include toxicity and efficacy studies. We have expertise in developing validated animal models for testing the efficacy of herbal products /extracts. Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)- Toxicology Studies for FDA Submission is performed here in Vipragen. We have expertise in EFSA filling for nutraceutical products for regulatory registrations.

Safety Assessment Studies

  • » Single dose
  • » Repeated Dose Studies (14 days, 28 days, 90 days studies)
  • » Genotoxicity studies
  • » Reproductive Toxicology (OECD 421) & (OECD 422)
  • » Dose Formulation analysis (Stability, Homogeneity and nominal concentration)
  • » Method development and validation

In Vivo & In Vitro Efficacy Models

  • » Anti-obesity
  • » Anti-Cancer
  • » Anti-Diabetic
  • » Liver Toxicity
  • » Cognition