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Industrial / Specialty Chemicals

Vipragen Biosciences is providing support for a variety chemical industries by considering and including testing of dyes, adhesives, paints, glues & favicons, solvents, inks, plastics and many other products.

We have the capability of providing the complete regulatory set of studies for New Product Registrations. Vipragen has well versed expertise in REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) which is the EC1907/2006 Regulation that replaces all previous legislation on authorization of chemicals in the European Union (EU). We have designed a specific set of services including the Physicochemical, Toxicology and analytical services to help companies accelerate their registrations for generating Use, Risk and Hazard data for many products.


Include important studies supporting approved new drug applications for the US FDA which include battery of animal tests used to evaluate acute systemic toxicity by three routes of exposure, skin and eye irritation/corrosion, and skin sensitization.


Analytical Services and Physicochemical Tests

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