'As a Non-Clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO), Vipragen successfully conducted our Toxicology studies within the agreed-upon timeframe, facilitating the seamless progress of our FDA registration efforts. We highly endorse Vipragen as a trustworthy testing laboratory, commendable for their precision and effective communication.'

"As a budding drug discovery innovation company operating within budget constraints, we turned to Vipragen for our toxicology studies. Vipragen demonstrated remarkable flexibility in tailoring their services to our needs and delivered reports promptly. This has played a pivotal role in supporting our funding goals and advancing our drug development journey with enhanced value."

"The Vipragen team has demonstrated exceptional scientific expertise throughout the entire IND submission studies for our two oncology compounds. All the studies, including those for IND submission quality, were conducted with precision at Vipragen. The team also effectively coordinated and managed extensive large animal studies conducted at a partner site. Despite encountering challenges in the Bioanalytical phase, particularly with the initial rat PK study facing issues due to compound instability, the competent team persevered. They conducted additional experiments, often extending beyond the Scope of Work, to address challenges such as chemical stability in pH 7.4 buffers, aqueous solubility, and more rigorous plasma stability analysis.
Ultimately, the team succeeded in method development and verification for both compounds in an OECD GLP certified environment, adhering to guidelines. Currently, one of the molecules is in a phase I clinical trial, underscoring Vipragen as a reliable partner for our pre-clinical work. We look forward to outsourcing more work to them based on their proven capabilities and commitment."

"I highly recommend this laboratory for their exceptional trustworthiness and professionalism. The collaboration experience exceeded my expectations, and I am eager to engage in future projects with them. The team's commitment to quality, transparent communication, and reliability make them a standout choice for any future endeavors. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again and build upon the positive and productive relationship we established during our previous engagement."

"I've had a fantastic experience with the service provided by the Vipragen team. Their attention to detail and prompt communication have truly stood out to me. Whenever I've had questions or needed assistance, they've been incredibly responsive and available, making me feel supported throughout the process. Overall, I would recommend vipragen for their Pre-clinical and CRO services."